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Revolutionizing Environmental Remediation & Demolition.

Welcome to Diversified Management & Construction, Inc.

Your Trusted Partner in Environmental Services and Construction in Tampa & Central Florida.

Who We Are.

Diversified Management & Construction, Inc., based in Valrico, FL, is a family-owned company specializing in a wide range of environmental services, construction services, and demolition services. Established in 1997, our team brings decades of experience to every project, ensuring professional and reliable solutions across the United States, especially during critical disaster recovery efforts.

What We Believe.

Guided by a simple yet powerful motto:

"To serve, renew, and have a positive impact on our community."


This principle directs every aspect of our operations, ensuring that we not only deliver exceptional service but also contribute positively to the environments and communities we work within. Whether we are working on residential properties, commercial structures, or government projects, our goal is to create safer, healthier environments through expert environmental services.

City of Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL

How It All Started.

Guided by Biblical Values.

Our mission and values are deeply rooted in biblical principles, emphasizing integrity, honesty, and the desire to serve. We believe our work is not just about building or renovation—it's about making a positive impact on the communities and lives we touch. These values inspire our team to perform their best, providing services that not only meet but uplift the standards of our industry. 

Our Expertise.

We Provide a Broad Expertise in Construction and Environmental Services.

We lead in environmental safety with cutting-edge lead and asbestos remediation technologies. Our certified experts use advanced methods like Chemical Stabilization and HEPA filtration to ensure comprehensive and compliant abatement. Trust us to safeguard your health and property with precision and care.

Remediation & Abatement.

We specialize in precise moisture mapping to protect your property from hidden water damage. Utilizing advanced detection technologies, our skilled technicians accurately identify and diagnose moisture issues, ensuring effective resolution and prevention.

Moisture Mapping.

Our Florida CGC license allows us to undertake significant construction projects, including commercial, residential, and governmental structures. With years of experience in the industry, from foundation laying and concrete cutting to complete building renovations, our team is equipped with the expertise and equipment necessary to execute projects of any scale.

Demolition Services, Excavation & Site Preparation.

We are committed to ensuring optimal indoor air quality through advanced testing and analysis. Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to detect and assess airborne contaminants, providing tailored solutions for healthier, cleaner indoor environments. Trust us to enhance the air you breathe with precision and expertise.

Indoor Air Quality Testing.

We excel in managing hazardous waste and delivering swift disaster recovery services. Our trained professionals use cutting-edge techniques to safely handle and dispose of hazardous materials, ensuring rapid response and restoration in crisis situations.

Hazardous Waste &
Disaster Recovery.


Large or small construction projects.

Commercial, residential, or government projects.

Projects of any scale.

From foundation laying and concrete cutting to complete building renovations, our team is equipped with the expertise and equipment necessary to execute projects of any scale.

Project Size

| Commercial | Residential | Government | New Builds | Renovations |


Our general contractors manage all phases of the construction process. This includes site preparation, compliance with building codes, and overseeing the seamless execution of each project stage.


Prioritize safety and efficiency.

Utilize advanced techniques & materials.

Waste reduction, collection, & removal.


We ensure each project adheres to environmental guidelines and safety standards. All services provided are complete according to all health and regulation standards.


Our CGCs have decades in the field.

200+ years combined experience.

Vast knowledge and skillset.

We have the capability to undertake projects of any scale throughout Florida and beyond. Whether it's residential or commercial, every job is executed with the highest standards of support and efficiency. 

We provide comprehensive & complete solutions for identifying, containing, and removing asbestos from any property, ensuring that our work surpasses industry standards.

Lead and mold are dangerous substances, especially in older buildings. Our team specializes in the removal of these hazards, utilizing the latest technology and methods to ensure your space is safe and compliant with all regulations.

We offer specialized services such as moisture mapping and moisture reading for your home. These services are crucial for identifying potential issues in home environments which can lead to serious structural damage and health issues related to mold. 

Our demolition services are integral to preparing sites for new construction, ensuring that all preparatory work, including the clearing of the site and handling of materials, is done comprehensively. 

We are equipped to respond to disasters nationwide, providing rapid restoration and reconstruction services to help communities recover quickly. Our capability to respond to needs across the nation sets us apart from competitors. 

Our detailed assessments help businesses ensure their spaces are compliant with health regulations and provide a safe, comfortable environment for employees and visitors.

What We Offer.

Indoor air quality testing device

Ensuring Indoor Air Quality for Environmental Health.

Our commitment to environmental health is further demonstrated through our indoor air quality services for your home and business.

We test for comfort parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide, as well as other pollutants like dust, particulates, mold, bacteria, and formaldehyde.
These tests are crucial for identifying potential health risks in workspaces, often indicative of inadequate ventilation or HVAC system issues. 

Demolition contractors discussing project

Demolition Services Tailored for Every Need.

From site clearing to excavation, our team prepares your land for the next phase of development, ensuring that the foundation of your project starts on solid ground. We pride ourselves on offering premier demolition services across a wide range of projects.

Our demolition services are not just about tearing down structures - they encompass a comprehensive approach to making sites safe and ready for new development.
Whether you require demolition services for residential, commercial, or industrial properties, DMC has the expertise and equipment necessary to execute the job efficiently and safely.

Advanced environmental testing tubes

Advanced Testing Methods.

Moisture and indoor air quality issues can compromise building integrity and health. We use sophisticated testing methods to identify problems in your home or business, and provide actionable insights for resolution.

For our residential clients, our resolutions are designed to protect your home and enhance the indoor air quality, ensuring a safe living space for you and your family.

Signs of mold exposure and asbestos exposure

The Dangers of Toxic Substances.

Asbestos poses significant health risks. Our asbestos removal services are handled by trained professionals adhering to strict EPA and OSHA guidelines to ensure safe removal and disposal.

Our asbestos consulting services extend beyond surveys to include project design, project monitoring, and air monitoring during asbestos abatement & lead abatement projects. This comprehensive approach ensures all aspects of toxic substance handling are managed professionally, adhering strictly to all required standards.

Why Choose Us.

Dedicated Customer Support.

Environmental Responsibility.

Comprehensive Service Range.

Highest Safety Standards.

200+ Years Combined Experience.

Licensed & Skilled Team.

Commitment to Excellence.

Proven Track Record.

A Legacy of Trust and Professionalism.

With a track record stretching back over three decades, DMC, Inc. has established itself as a leader in environmental services and construction.
Our clients rely on our expertise and dedication to safety. We are proud of our past projects and the long-standing relationships we have built with our clients, who know they can depend on us for their most challenging projects.

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